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What We Know and What We Don’t Know: Vasculitis and COVID-19

Introductions 01:02
Explanation of the COVID-19 virus 02:15
Timeline of the virus 03:58
The Vasculitis COVID-19 Patient Project 07:43
Should patients with vasculitis be taking extra precautions beyond the CDC guidelines during this pandemic? 09:59
How do I tell the difference between symptoms of the virus and symptoms associated with my vasculitis? 12:17
Is there a fever with your symptoms? 14:30
Use an oximeter to measure your oxygen levels 15:51
What are the risks of being on immune suppressing drugs during this health crisis? 19:48
Is there a risk with taking Rituximab? 25:26
The priority is to keep patient’s vasculitis under control 30:01
What do we know about drugs such as Hydroxychloroquine in the possible prevention or treatment of the virus? 31:09
If a vaccine is developed for COVID-19, will patients with vasculitis be able to take it? 37:15
What do we know about the rare, Kawasaki-like condition that is being reported with pediatric patients who have the virus? 40:11
As regions open back up should patients continue to take extra precautions? 43:12
Should patients return to work, or take vacations even as regions open up again? 48:36

The COVID-19 pandemic has generated many questions not only among the general public, but especially for high-risk patients who are being treated with immune suppressing medications. In this exclusive VF Road to Wellness Webinar, a panel of medical specialists address many of the questions being asked by patients with vasculitis during this global health crisis.