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What Makes a Strong Disability Application

Understanding the term, “onset”. 1:59
Five steps of sequential evaluation: What disability examiners are looking for. 3:17
SGA = Substantial Gainful Activity 5:11
MDI= Medically Determinable Impairment. 5:45
Documentation showing physical limitations. 10:37
Eyes and ears impact. 11:40
Respiratory impact. 12:32
Cardiovascular impact. 13:02
Digestive impact. 13:44
Kidney disease. 14:17
Hematological disorders. 14:32
Skin disorders. 14:36
Neurological disorders. 14:57
Mental health disorders. 15:51
Immune system disorders. 16:24
Work history review. 18:12
Medical source opinions. 21:33
Q: Are specific types of vasculitis considering a disability, or is it the symptoms they measure? 23:09
Q: If you apply for disability online, how do you have communication with the examiner? 25:25
Q: What if I was diagnosed with vasculitis as a child or young teen and I don’t have a work history to show? 26:55
Q: If you’re denied disability, can you appeal it. And if you do appeal, should you change something so you won’t face a second denial? 29:01
Q: Does having more than one body system involved increase changes of approval? 30:24
Q: How is short term disability figured into the overall work history evaluation? 32:01
Q: How many times can you be denied an appeal? 33:32
Q: Can you help to clarify that you must currently not be working when you apply for disability? 34:06
Q: If you get approval, do you have to keep re-applying for disability? 34:59
Q: Could weigh gain (caused from steroid therapy) be a valid factor especially if joint issues are involved? 37:19
Q: How important is the nature of the job to whether or not you get disability? Could you be denied disability because you could possibly work in another type of job? 38:05
Q: What about a PVT insurance policy? Can you still apply for SSI? 40:26

Are you considering applying for Social Security Disability Benefits? In this live webinar, VF Patient Support Coordinator and former Disability Examiner Jodi Hall explains the disability application and determination process and provides examples on how to best advocate for yourself during it.

Disclaimers: Jodi is not a doctor and cannot give individualized medical advice. There are many things examiners consider when adjudicating a case including
financial information. Following the suggestions in this presentation does not guarantee your approval for SSDI
or SSI.