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Videos: Anatomy of Illness and New Perspectives

GarySHoffman.staffPhoto.1.13The Anatomy of Illness and New Perspectives
Presented: December 15, 2015
Speaker: Gary S. Hoffman, MD, MS, MACR, Center for Vasculitis Care and Research
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During his presentation, Dr. Hoffman addressed some of the important questions that patients ask:

How did I get vasculitis?
Why me?
What is the cause of vasculitis?
What do I have to do for a cure?

He explored the makeup of diseases and some of the new ideas on the cutting edge of research, including the role of the immune system, genetics, infectious diseases, and mechanisms and patterns of disease. Dr. Hoffman also discussed the role of microbiomes and how they interact with genetics, gender, age, and immune status to produce disease.

Dr. Hoffman joined the Cleveland Clinic in 1992 and is the founder of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Vasculitis Care and Research. Dr. Hoffman led investigations of new therapies for vasculitis and coordinated the first international multicenter studies of diagnostic laboratory and imaging tools to assess vasculitis disease activity. These multicenter studies proved that research involving large cohorts of patients could be done successfully by collaborating with other vasculitis researchers around the world.

In January 2015, Dr. Hoffman retired from patient care to focus on research.