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Videos: Insight into Lung Tests for Vasculitis

Augustine-LeeInsight into Your Lung Tests for Vasculitis
Presented: February 11, 2016
Speaker: Augustine Lee, MD
Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine, Mayo Clinic-Jacksonville, Florida
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In this webinar, Dr. Lee provides an overview of vasculitis in the lungs and insight into the general approach pulmonologists take in treating the disease. He discusses the tests commonly used to evaluate the lungs and lung manifestations due to the vasculitis. He defines and reviews the many terms and acronyms that pulmonologists use, including aneurysms, blood clots, pulmonary hypertension, airway involvement, stenosis, tracheomalacia, bronchitis, and nodules. He also discusses the three-pronged clinical, radiologic, and physiologic approach pulmonologists use in treating vasculitis.

Dr. Lee is an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Departments of Critical Care Services and Pulmonary Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida. He is the Co-Director of the LAM Clinic at the Mayo Clinic. He studied at Cornell University and the University of Maryland and went on to do his residency and fellowship at the Mayo Clinics in Jacksonville and Rochester, Minnesota. His research interests focus on interstitial lung disease, pulmonary vasculitis and aspiration syndromes. He has been a VF Medical Consultant for many years. He presented this talk originally at the 2015 Vasculitis International Symposium.