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VF Webinar: Remission and Relapse March 2023

Most important things to know about relapse and remission. 4:00
General approach and terms. 4:17
What are the main treatment goals with vasculitides? 6:21
Giant Cell Arteritis 6:58
Takayasu’s Arteritis 9:20
Polyarteritis Nodosa 11:02
ANCA Associated Vasculitis 12:10
Imaging showing disease active and disease remission 13:46
What does relapse mean? 16:10
How is disease relapse confirmed? 17:43
Takeaways: Remission and Relapse 21:43
Kathy’s experience with remission and relapse 23:02
Does Avocopan substitute for steroids? 29:40
Q: Is the CRP and SED rate blood test used to identify a flare? 33:30
Q: How do you detect flares that are not symptomatic and don’t show up on blood tests? 34:35
Q: How do you know if you’re in a flare when you experience daily symptoms of not feeling well? 37:10
Q: Is a flare the same thing as a relapse? 39:52
Q: Are there any guidelines on how long a patient should maintain immune suppression after achieving remission? 43:51
Q: What do you say to caregivers who see you in a period of remission and they assume you are cured? 44:49

One of the most asked patient questions involve the issue of remission and relapse. What is a flare? How do I know if I’m in remission? In this informative VF webinar, Dr. Kinanah Yaseen, M.D. provides an excellent overview about relapse and remission. Host Kathy Olevsky also shares a patient perspective on how she has experienced both of these phases with her illness.

What are the key facts about remission and relapse? 2:01

What is the difference between remission vs active disease? :30

Does remission and relapse occur differently with the various types of vasculitis? 9:11

What are the challenges in confirming disease relapse? 4:08

Kathy’s experience with relapse and remission. 3:39

Here is a video just featuring the Q&A segment of the webinar.  19:00