Educational Videos

VF Patient Perspectives: Microscopic polyangiitis (MPA) 

In our ongoing video series spotlighting specific forms of vasculitis, we are presenting this special webinar featuring an informal discussion with patients who have Microscopic polyangiitis (MPA).
VF webinar host, Kathy Olevsky (who is a patient with MPA), talks with three patients about the impact, changes, and challenges brought on by MPA. It’s an educational and inspiring webinar not only for patients with MPA, but with any form of vasculitis.

Patient Perspectives about MPA: Introductions

We are introduced to three patients with MPA. Sandy, Frank, and Mallory briefly talk about their personal journey with MPA. Webinar host, Kathy Olevsky, also talks about her MPA story.

Patient Perspectives about MPA: Getting Diagnosed

Getting diagnosed with MPA can be a stressful, frustrating experience. Here, the panelists share their challenges and how they reacted to finally getting a diagnosis.

Patient Perspectives about MPA: Fighting Fatigue

Although the panelists experience MPA in some different ways they do share a common symptom. In this video, we learn that fatigue is a condition that affects each of the patient’s lives. They talk about coping strategies to adapt to having less energy.

Patient Perspectives about MPA: Needing a Team of Doctors

Sandy, Frank, Mallory, and Kathy discuss the importance of their medical team to manage their MPA.

Patient Perspectives about MPA: Being a Teen with MPA

Mallory talks about her experience of being a 17 year-old with MPA in this honest, and inspirational episode.

Patient Perspectives about MPA: Staying Informed about MPA

Being informed and educated about MPA is a critical part of managing the illness. Sandy, Mallory, and Frank reveal their strategies for learning the latest about MPA, and finding a caring community of fellow patients.

Patient Perspectives about MPA: Remission

Here we learn that each of the patients is considered to be in remission, but there are still continuing issues and challenges to maintaining that status.