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VF Disease Spotlight: Urticarial Vasculitis (UV)

Welcome and Introductions 0:11
Key facts about UV. 1:48
Skin symptoms of urticarial vasculitis. 3:09
Systemic symptoms of urticarial vasculitis. 4:07
Possible triggers of UV. 4:36
Classification of UV based on complement. 6:27
The challenge of diagnosing urticarial vasculitis. 7:47
Treatment based on individual needs. 9:06
Outlook. 10:18
UCare Network: Urticaria Centers of Reference and Excellence. 11:14
Current studies into UV. 11:48
Elise’s story about her UV. 13:15
Arturo’s story about UV. 21:41
Q&A: What is the difference between Urticaria and Urticarial vasculitis. 33:04
Q&A: Is UV a subset or type of lupus disease? 34:09
Q&A: Does UV has characteristics of other autoimmune diseases? 35:56
Q&A: Can you comment on the difference between Primary Immune Deficiency and UV? 37:10
Q&A: Does Normocomplementemic Urticarial Vasculitis cause hair loss? 39:58
Q&A: Does Physical Urticarial Vasculitis accompany Normocomplementemic UV? 41:17
Q&A: Why does the skin become so sensitive during a flare with urticarial vasculitis? 41:44
Q&A: How common is it for a patient with UV to be diagnosed with another type of vasculitis? 42:32
Q&A: Are you able to look a patient’s rash and determine if UV is involved? 44:30
Q&A: Will my rash or lesions become permanent? 46:26
Q&A: Which type of UV is most prevelant? Normocomplementemic or Hypocomplementemic UV? 47:42
Q&A: Can there be impact from heat or cold when you have UV? 50:14
Q&A: How important is it to have a dermatologist as part of my patient care team? 52:08
Q&A: My UV is in remission, but I’m worried that getting the COVID vaccine could trigger a flare. What are your thoughts? 53:18

In this webinar, Dr. Pavel Kolkhir gives an overview of Urticarial Vasculitis (UV). He is joined by two patients with UV who talk about their experince managing this rare form of vasculitis.

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