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VF Disease Insight Webinar: Kawasaki Disease April 2023

Overview of vasculitis disease. 1:29
How KD affects the body. 4:15
Treatment of KD and IVIG therapy. 6:14
Refractory KD. 7:41
Incomplete KD. 8:39
KD shock syndrome. 10:09
Overview of the pathology of KD. 10:47
Overview of ACR / VF Treatment Guidelines. 11:57
Long-term issues from KD. 14:36
Current research into KD. 16:05
Nancy’s KD experience with her son, Jason 21:54
Nicol’s KD experience with her son, Josh 25:13
Q&A Session 31:19

In this VF webinar we explore Kawasaki Disease (KD) which is a rare form of vasculitis typically affecting children. Mark Gorelick, MD, gives an overview of KD, and provides an update on the latest research.

Nancy Foster and Nicol Jackson are parents of young adults with KD. They share what they have learned through their disease journey. The webinar concludes with an informative Q&A session with Dr. Gorelick.

Dr. Mark Gorelik introduction.

Kawasaki Disease slide presentation. 20:52

Nancy and Nicol share their stories. 10:01

Q&A Webinar Session. 17:05

How KD affects the body. 2:02

Treatments and IVIG Therapy 1:08

Refractory and Incomplete KD 2:27

The KD ACR/VF Treatment Guidelines 2:39

Research into KD. 4:46