Educational Videos

VF Disease Insight Webinar: IgG4 Related Disease

Part 1: Overview of IgG4RD

Introducing Dr. Zach Wallace 0:18
Five key takeaways about IgG4RD. 2:21
IgG4RD is an inflammatory autoimmune disease. 4:09
Fibrotic vs. inflammatory lesions. 4:50
Organs typically affected by IgG4RD. 6:13
IgG4 are common, but not always present. 8:51
Treatment for IgG4 10:05
New treatments are being evaluated. 11:56

Part 2: Q&A Session

What is the best way to monitor my condition? 0:18
How do I know what symptoms are caused by my IgG4? 1:19
What would I notice if it was affecting my salivary glands? 2:45
Is IgG4Rd a form of vasculitis? 3:22
How is understanding IgG4 relevant to someone with vasculitis? 4:48
How would explain IgG4 to a newly diagnosed patient? 7:29
How do you explain to the patient what he/she can expect in terms of management, or prognosis? 9:16
How often do you see your patients with IgG4? 11:36
How long does it usually take a Rituximab infusion to begin working? 12:02
IgG4 typically affects older males. What is the youngest patient you have treated? 13:12
What is meant by fibrous 13:50
What is the life expectancy when you have IgG4? 15:31
Does IgGA run in families? 16:32