Educational Videos

VF Disease Insight: IgA Vasculitis (formerly Henoch-Schönlein purpura)

What is vasculitis? A basic overview. 3:13
What is IgA Vasculitis? 5:12
Clinical associations and triggers. 8:05
Photos of skin manifestation of IgA. 11:06
Joint manifestation with IgA. 11:45
Gastrointestinal manifestation with IgA. 12:10
Renal manifestations with IgA. 13:13
Comparision of clinical manifestation and disease outcomes between adult and children. 15:08
Diagnosing IgA vasculitis. 17:50
Prognosis of IgA vasculitis. 21:07
Summary of IgA vasculitis. 21:40
Kari’s story of IgA vasculitis. 23:23
Photos of Kari’s presentation with IgA. 27:50
Challenges with skin biopsy diagnosis. 33:52
Q: Are there some common triggers of IgA vasculitis? 37:10
Q: Why does IgA affect children differently than adults? 40:29
Q: What is the difference between IgA and IgAN vasculitis? 41:06
Q: Is there any research looking at whether having COVID-19, or the COVID-19 vaccine as possibly a trigger for IgA? 41:44
Q: If a patient has kidney failure from IgA and then has a kidney transplant, what are the chances that IgA will occur in transplanted kidney? 43:09
Q: Do we know what causes a flare or relapse with IgA vasculitis? 44:56