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Vasculitis Research Discoveries

Welcome from Kalen Young 02:34
New ACR Guidelines 03:40
Diagnosis and Classification Criteria for DC Vas 08:45
FDG-PET Scan Imaging to Detect Large Vessel Vasculitis 10:47
Apremilast for Behcet’s Disease 12:39
Pexivas Trial: Is plasma exchange helpful to treat MPA / GPA? 14:17
Advocate Trial: Treatments that reduce the amount of steroid use 16:58
What is a registry and how is it used? 19:02
Natural History Study 21:35
The VPPRN 22:33
Diagnostic Validation Study 26:25
AAV-PRO Study 30:06
CHOICE Study 33:02
COVID-19 Research Response 33:53
The Vasculitis COVID-19 Patient Project 37:51
Future of Vasculitis Research 42:38
Assessment of Quality of Life in Patients with EGPA 43:21
Microbiome 45:08
New cause of vasculitis discovered 49:15
Introducing VEXAS 53:57
Ways you can get involved! 56:35
Q&A: What if I can’t fill out the online form due to impairment? Can someone do it for me? 59:35
Q&A: How does the U.S. compare to other countries in terms of our participation in research? 01:00:49
Q&A: How do you think the COVID-19 crisis could affect how research is done here? 01:03:00
Q&A: How do you see the role of tele-health, or virtual visits in light of this health crisis? 01:05:08

During this exclusive VF Road to Wellness Webinar you will learn about the most exciting, promising, and potentially game-changing research into vasculitis. Included is an important discussion about some of the COVID-19 research underway.


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Below are 1-2 minute video highlights from this presentation.

What are the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) Guidelines?

What is the Aprmilast Study for Behcet’s Disease?

What is the PEXIVAS Study?

What is the V-PPRN?

What is the Diagnostic Validation Study?

How is COVID-10 changing the landscape of research?

What is the Vasculitis COVID-10 Patient Project?

What is the VEXAS Study and why is it so significant?