Educational Videos

Vasculitis and Vaccines

Kathy Olevsky introduction 00:33
Dr. Eric Ruderman introduction 02:02
Why Does Immunization Work? 04:20
Effectiveness of Vaccinations 05:04
Herd Immunity 06:40
What’s in a Vaccine? 08:07
Types of Vaccines 10:42
This is why we vaccinate….. 13:59
Why don’t people get vaccinated? 14:48
Vaccinating Kids 19:18
Vaccinating Adults 21:52
Q&A: If you’re taking rituximab, is it better to get a vaccine before the infusion? 28:21
Q&A: Can getting a vaccine trigger a flare? 30:41
Q&A: Should I get a shingles vaccine if I’m having a flare? 31:50
Q&A: Why are so many vaccines being developed for the COVID-19 virus? 36:44
Q&A: Who will need to be vaccinated once a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available? 38:45
Q&A: Why is there so much concern about the duration of the immune response? 40:52
Q&A: Will it be safe for patients with autoimmune disease to to be vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine? 42:21
Q&A: Will medications be affected by a COVID-19 vaccine? 43:42
Q&A: Is it more important to develop a treatment, or a vaccine for COVID-19. 44:47
Q&A: How could the process for testing a vaccine be impacted by the virus? 46:58

In this webinar, Dr. Eric Ruderman gives both an overview explaining what patients with vasculitis need to know about vaccines, and an update about about the development of a potential vaccine for the COVID-19 virus.