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Vasculitis and Emotional Health

Part 1: Vasculitis and Emotional Health

Introductions 01:01
What emotional changes can happen after getting a diagnosis of vasculitis? 02:16
The big question is what does the future look like as a newly diagnosed patient. 03:04
What can be the emotional impact of vasculitis on a patient’s family and career? 04:28
All of the previous rules change after a diagnosis. 05:43
Kathy’s new normal after her diagnosis. 08:08
How can the medications used in the treatment of vasculitis also cause emotional issues? 10:46
Talk to your doctor about the possible psychological issues with medications. 14:30

We all know how vasculitis can affect us physically, but we’re not always prepared how it may affect us emotionally. In this segment, Dana DeMoulin, LCSM, Sara Baird Amodio, MSW, EdD, and webinar host, Kathy Olevsky, talk about how a diagnosis can impact our emotional well-being.

Part 2: Vasculitis and Emotional Health

Loss and vulnerability come with a diagnosis of vasculitis. 00:07
Kathy’s peak of physical fitness is derailed by vasculitis. 00:34
Helping patients find hope in the middle of loss. 01:37
Sara re-evaluates her identity. 02:31
Kathy accepts what she can and cannot do after a diagnosis. 04:51
Feeling vulnerable and anxious in a COVID world. 05:46
Find what you can control. Accept what you cannot control. 06:16
Patients with vasculitis are usually professional isolationists. 07:26
Anger and COVID-19. 08:19
Understanding and coping with the fear of relapse. 10:48
Remission and relapse is an ongoing cycle. 12:07
Live in the moment, not in the future. 12:54

Vasculitis can be a life-changing event because of what it takes away from the patient. There can be a loss of physical or athletic ability, one’s sense of identity, or being more vulnerable to a global health crisis such as COVID-19.

In this webinar, Kathy Olevsky and Sara Amodio talk about facing these issues, but also finding solutions or strategies to overcome these challenges.

Part 3: Vasculitis and Emotional Health

How you tell your story about dealing with vasculitis can affect your emotions. 0:06
Sharing your story with different sets of people. 1:09
Turn your story into a short “elevator speech”. 4:07
Vasculitis can affect our caregivers emotionally and mentally. 5:05
The identity issue. 6:31
Vasculitis is a systemic disease so the treatment approach should also be systemic. 9:41
Strategies to achieve better emotional health. 10:48
Understanding how medications can affect emotional health. 12:46
Needing to process the craziness in a new, healthier way. 15:52
Draw strength from experiences. 20:59

In this final part of the webinar series about emotional health and vasculitis the discussion turns to another source of possible stress–telling your story and how that can impact your emotions. Also, how caregivers are susceptible to stress as they care for a loved one with vasculitis. Finally, some common-sense strategies are offered to deal with the mental and emotional challenges.