Educational Videos

Vasculitis and COVID-19 Update

Welcome and Introductions 01:14
Background on COVID-19 05:37
Resurgence: A Major Concern 07:23
What to do with your medications 08:35
COVID-19 in Rheumatic Disease Patients 10:42
What Specifically Increases Risk in Patients 12:07
What Can I Do to Protect Myself 13:05
Drug Updates 14:43
Vaccine Update 20:00
Take Home Points 22:00
The Vasculitis COVID-19 Patient Project 23:11
Q&A with Medical Panel 26:19

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold, patients with vasculitis have more questions, concerns, and a need to get the latest, reliable information about this global pandemic. As part of its patient education initiative, the VF hosted this special, live webinar featuring a panel of medical experts led by Anisha Dua, MD, MPH, Director, Northwestern Vasculitis Center.