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Vasculitis 101

Introductions 1:46
What is inflammation? 4:36
What is vasculitis? 9:15
Why the confusing terminology? 11:18
Vasculitis classification by vessel size 12:22
Who ges vasculitis? 17:24
What causes vasculitis? 18:44
How common is vasculitis? 22:24
What are symptoms of vasculitis? 24:34
A team of doctors is often needed 28:42
What diagnostic tests are involved? 29:46
What is the ANCA test? 32:28
How is vasculitis treated? 41:58
Vasculitis Treatment– A Balancing Act 43:55
Infection risks 47:28
What can be done to reduce damage? 49:32
Q&A 51:44

Learn the most important facts about vasculitis in this informative webinar led by Dr. Kenneth Warrington.
Dr. Warrington covers the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of this rare, autoimmune disease.

Is there more focus on finding a cure for vasculitis, or to develop better treatments? What would a cure look like? 00:21
How can patients collaborate with their doctor? How can a patient help take ownership of their disease? 04:23
Can research into other autoimmune diseases help lead to breakthroughs in vasculitis research? 07:33
How do I stay in remission as long as possible? What can I do to keep that status? 10:57
Should I get my rituximab treatment during this time of the COVID-19 health crisis? 14:28
Should I continue to do social distancing and wear a mask even if my state has re-opened during this health crisis? 18:25
Can you talk about some of the possible therapeutics and vaccine in development for the COVID-19 virus? 19:57
What do you think about the use and the future of tele-health, or virtual appointments? 26:48


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What is vasculitis?

What are the symptoms of vasculitis?

How is vasculitis diagnosed?

How is vasculitis treated?

How are different types of vasculitis treated?

Can statin drugs help lower inflammation?

Do patients have to stay on steroids for their whole lives?

Kenneth J. Warrington, M.D., is a consultant and serves as Chair in the Division of Rheumatology, Department of Internal Medicine at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, with a joint appointment in the Gonda Vascular Center. Dr. Warrington is also the director of the Vasculitis Subspecialty Group. He joined the staff of Mayo Clinic in 2006 and holds the academic rank of Professor of Medicine, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science. He is recognized with the distinction of the John F. Finn Minnesota Arthritis Foundation Professorship. Dr. Warrington earned his M.D. at the University of Malta and subsequently completed residency in Internal medicine and Rheumatology fellowship (Clinician-Investigator Program) at Mayo Clinic, Rochester. Dr. Warrington’s research and practice interests are in the field of vasculitis, particularly large vessel vasculitis. He conducts clinical and translational research and has published extensively on these diseases.