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Vasculitis 101: Introduction for the Newly Diagnosed, 2019 VF Vasculitis Symposium

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What is inflammation? 02:00
What happens with inflammation in vasculitis? 04:23
What are the basic facts about vasculitis? 08:09
How is vasculitis classified? 11:00
What is variable vessel vasculitis? 14:32
What is single organ vasculitis? 15:06
Who is affected by vasculitis? 16:46
What causes vasculitis? 18:06
Why is vasculitis so hard to diagnose? 21:31
What are the different types of vasculitis? 22:09
What are some of the symptoms of vasculitis? 24:18
What doctors are usually needed to treat vasculitis? 27:28
What are important blood tests to check for vasculitis? 29:02
What is ANCA and why is it important? 32:51
What are other diagnostic tests for vasculitis? 35:56
How are CT and MRI scans used for diagnosing vasculitis? 40:44
How is a PET Scan used for diagnosis? 44:34
How are biopsies or angiograms used for diagnosis? 45:32
How is vasculitis treated? 46:27
What does inducing remission mean? 49:44
What is treatment for GPA / MPA 50:51
What is treatment for Giant Cell Arteritis? 51:45
What is treatment for Takayasu’s Arteritis? 52:27
What should every patient know about treatment for vasculitis? 53:21

What do you need to know when you are diagnosed with vasculitis? What information about treatment options and management of the disease is most important? Watch this video lecture featuring Dr. Kenneth Warrington from the Mayo Clinic so you can work with your doctor to make the best decisions as you go forward.