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Vaccines, booster shots, and updates

Welcome and Introductions. 0:04
Where we are right now with COVID-19. 3:12
Will we ever hit 95%-100% vaccination rates? 7:14
Can COVID-19 affect kidneys? 10:13
Should patients with autoimmune issues get the boosters? Is research showing the boosters are providing needed protection> 11:44
Critical research: Studying immune response to vaccines and boosters for autoimmune compromised patients. 11:45
Dr. Puttman: New study looking antibody responses. 15:11
Dr. Falk: Developing studies looking at options for patients with zero immune response to vaccine. 19:30
What are you telling your patients about getting the flu shot? 28:10
New publication from Dr. Dua and Dr. Putnam. 32:14
Q: What is most important? Developing effective vaccines, or treatments for the virus? 35:27
Q: Is it true that some drugs to treat the virus are causing some shortage issues for patients with autoimmune disease? 40:14
Q: How has this pandemic affected each of you a medical professionals? 45:11

As the COVID-19 health crisis continues we face new questions, challenges, and potential research developments. In this excellent webinar, Dr. Ronald Falk, Dr. Anisha Dua, and Dr. Mike Putman respond to patient questions about booster shots, studies looking at antibody responses for immune-compromised patients; and even some reasons for cautious optimism about the future of COVID.