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V is for…Vasculitis: Disease impact on women

Welcome and introductions. 0:17
Health-related quality of life issues for patients with vasculitis. 5:35
Impact on Women: Four dimensions. 8:07
Treatment of ANCA-Associated Vasculitis 8:24
Fertility and Cyclophosphamide. 10:49
The Effect of Vasculitis on Pregnancy 13:33
Pregnancy and Treatment. 18:02
Pregnancy and Biologics. 19:24
Pregnancy Tips. 20:23
Menopause and Cyclophosphamide 21:44
Menopause Tips. 25:53
Sexuality in Rheumatic Diseases 26:28
Sexual Dysfuction and Behcet’s Disease. 28:42
Vascular Impairment and Sexual Dysfunction. 29:43
Summary of key points on fertility and vasculitis. 31:10
Q&A: I no longer have monthly bloods taken because my numbers for ANCA don’t spike. Should I be concerned that I’m not being monitored? 32:48
Q&A: Is it common to feel extremely hot and overheated when I exercise. Is this common with vasculitis? 35:04
Q&A: How can EGPA affect menopause? 37:29
Q&A: Do you know what the long term effects are for the biologic, Q&A: Do you know what the long term effects are for the biologic XOLAIR® (omalizumab) 39:35
Q&A: Is pregnancy a concern for people with only minor symptoms of Behcets? 42:12
Q&A: Do you have any suggestions on how to gain weight when managing vasculitis? 45:07
Q&A: What are concerns with small cell vasculitis? 47:16

This presentation will cover how vasculitis may effect women differently from men including the reproductive life cycle and hormonal impact.