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UPDATE: Covid-19 and Immunocompromised Patients

The future of the pandemic? 2:47
Breakthrough COVID-19 3:34
Strategy for Outpatient Management of Immunocompromised Patients for COVID-19 4:43
The risk of severe COVID-19 in immunocompromised patients. 5:40
What’s in our toolbox for treatment of immunocompromised patients who get COVID-19? 6:39
Oral antivirals: paxlovid and molunpiravir 6:56
Monoclonal antibodies: bebtelovimab 7:48
What about preventing COVID-19 in immunocompromised patients? 8:26
Vaccination recommendation for immunocompromised patients. 8:41
Timing of booster with Rituximab. 9:27
Exciting development of Evusheld. 9:50
What we tell our patients now. 10:33
What it means to be fully vaccinated for immunocompromised patients. 11:04
Q&A: How long is the effectiveness of Evusheld 11:54
Q&A: What are the main considerations for the risk/benefit of determining if a patient should receive Evusheld? 13:28
Q&A: What are the three things that surprised you the most over the course of this COVID-19 pandemic? 16:47
Q&A: I’m a patient currently in remission and I’m concerned that I could go into relapse if I continue to get the boosters and additional doses of vaccine. Is this concern valid? 18:03
Q&A: What about the idea of holding Rituximab when getting the vaccine to help chances of building antibodies. 19:33
Q&A: Do you have an opinion about the efficacy of the vaccine waning over time how long does the second booster last? 21:20

The need for answers and information about the COVID-19 pandemic is especially for the relevant for patients who are immunocompromised. In this short webinar, Len Calabrese, MD, and his daughter, Casandra Calabrese, MD, give an update on the latest developments concerning antivirals, monoclonal antibody treatments, Euvsheld, vaccine efficacy, and boosters against variants.