Educational Videos

Travel Smart, Travel Safe

Travel Safe, Travel Smart: Part 1 Smart Strategies

Preparation prior to travelling. 3:53
Factors to consider–your level of immunosuppression. 6:08
Protect yourself while travelling. 9:09
If you feel ill while travelling. 19:55
Top travel tips from medical professionals. 12:36

In this segment, Dr. Kevin Byram offers some practical ideas, suggestions and tips if you are a patient with vasculitis and you’re planning on travelling.

Travel Smart, Travel Safe: Part 2 Patients Share Travel Tips and Strategies

Victor shares how he is preparing for a trip to Alaska. 0:25
What Kathy has learned after years of travel? 3:38
Patients share top travel tips in our survey. 4:40
Suzanne’s travel advice when you’re a patient with vasculitis. 5:44
Prepare your pills before you leave! 6:24
Get plenty of rest BEFORE you go on vacation. 9:07
Air travel tips from Suzanne. 10:04
What to do when you reach your destination. 11:50
Pace yourself on vacation. 13:05

Three patients share their stories, tips, and best advice on how to travel safely. You will learn the importance of pre-planning to ensure you have enough medications, and how to prepare for most emergencies when you’re away from home.

Travel Safe, Travel Smart: Part 3 Q&A

The importance of having a well-prepared travel companion. 0:57
Q: Should patients continue to wear masks while flying? 3:19
Q: What should I do if I test positive for COVID-19 while I’m away from home? 7:11
Q: What are the must-have medications if a patient is travelling to a rural area? 9:08
Q: How should I plan my Rituximab infusion around my travel plans? 10:53
Travel tips you may have never considered. 12:55
Expect the best, but prepare for the worst. 16:59

Dr. Byram answers the most frequent questions asked by patients with vasculitis who are planning to travel. He gives insight into the timing of Rituximab infusion and your vacation, communicating with your physician/s about your plans, and what to do if you should get COVID while you are away.