Educational Videos

The VF Men’s Vasculitis Conference

Welcome and Introductions. 0:01
Changes and Challenges by Jason Wadler. 2:31
How did your vasculitis affect your children? 15:21
Did you regain more than what you lost from your vasculitis? 17:35
First poll: What is the number one factor that affects long-term survival of vasculitis in men? 20:04
Vasculitis Impact on Men’s Health by Dr. Peter Grayson 21:06
Forms of vasculitis 24:34
Do some forms of vasculitis affect men more than women? 25:48
VEXAS Syndrome: A new form of vasculitis that only affects men! 27:42
Vasculitis and Survival. 31:31
Survival in women has improved more than men with vasculitis. Why? 32:28
Fertility issues and vasculitis for men. 36:34
COVID-19 and vasculitis. 38:33
Q: What is risk for patients with vasculitis to have surgery when infection is a major factor? 41:18
Q: What about testicular pain in men who have vasculitis? 44:36
Q: How can patients get in touch with you to be screened for VEXAS Syndrome? 46:07
How to be a Weekend Warrior with Vasculitis. By Brandon Hudgins and Art Diaz. 47:05
Exercising with vasculitis. 50:13
Art Diaz’s Testimonial. 58:18
Q: Do you build your exercise around your medication schedule? 1:10:53
Poll: What is primary reason men on average don’t participate in research? 1:14:21
Researchers Need More Men! by Dr. Peter Merkel and Paul Brown. 1:15:21
What’s the problem with men and research? 1:20;12
Paul Brown: Why I participate in research for vasculitis. 1:23:25
Q: Does your disease have to be active or inactive to participate in research? 1:37:20
Dealing with the Emotional Impact of Vasculitis: by John Stadler and Dan Bleicher. 1:40:40
John and Dan talk impact of vasculitis on their careers. 1:50:12

How does vasculitis impact men physically and emotionally? In our first-ever conference for men we address these questions with a powerful panel of doctors and male patients. It is an honest, inspiring, and eye-opening look at some of the particular challenges facing men with vasculitis and how they have met and adapted to these issues.