Educational Videos

The VF Health Journal

Introductions 00:35
Tour of the VF Health Journal 04:19
Doctor Comparison Chart 05:32
Doctor Visit Preparation Form 05:43
Medical Bills and Expense Tracker 06:56
Medication List 07:16
Pill ID Chart 08:02
Blood Pressure Tracking Chart 09:49
Pain Tracker 10:59
Fever Diary 12:43
Kathy talks about her experience with organizing medical information 13:42
Suzanne talks about the origin of this health journal 16:24
How Suzanne’s doctors reacted to her journal 18:29
Using the journal to alleviate stress of managing vasculitis 20:06
Advice on how to get started and customize the journal for your own needs 20:00
How to get the VF Health Journal 25:24

Organizing and tracking your medications, symptoms, vital medical statistics is a huge challenge for every patient with vasculitis. Now, that process has become much easier thanks to a new resource called the VF Health Tracker. In this webinar, you’ll meet the creator of this journal, Suzanne DePaolis. Suzanne gives a tour of the health tracker explaining each section of the journal, and showing how each patient can customize it for themselves.

Suzanne DePaolis is a patient with EGPA, and president of the Vasculitis Foundation Board of Directors. Suzanne’s passion for education led her through a career in teaching, but a diagnosis of EGPA abruptly changed that life path. She found herself in a position to channel her teaching to directly help other patients understand and manage their illness.

Click here to visit the VF Health Care Journal page to review and download the journal.