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The Power of Mindfulness and Meditation

Lynn Valencic introduction 01:07
How the Covid-19 health crisis is affecting us physically, mentally, and emotionally 02:06
Kathy’s patient perspective on stress from the health crisis 03:22
Accepting what we cannot control. Leveraging what we can control for our health 06:10
Recognizing when our nervous system is hyper-stimulated 09:37
Taking positive action to defuse the anxiety 11:10
Controlling information overload 13:57
Managing stress for the caregiver 18:34
Tele-therapy is the new normal 22:17

Coping emotionally with the Covid-19 crisis is particularly challenging for patients with vasculitis. In this webinar, psychotherapist, Lynn Valencic, shares some powerful coping strategies to maintain one’s response to stress.

Lynn Valencic, takes us on a short, guided body scan meditation excercise to reduce the impact of stress on our mind and body.


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What is emotional impact of health crisis?

What are coping strategies for patients?

How do you stay informed but not overwhelmed?

What is telehealth and how does it help in this current situation?

Lynn Valencic is a licensed psychotherapist with a Masters in Social Work. She is trained in cognitive/behavioral therapy and operates a private practice in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.