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The Future of Steroid Use: The Horizon for Steroid Replacement, Minimization in Systemic Vasculitis

Introducing Dr. Jason Springer 0:29
Nailing down the definition of steroids. 2:07
The Patient Perspective: Eliminating or minimizing steroids 2:51
Why does eliminating steroids make physicians nervous? 3:58
GPA and MPA: Efforts to reduce steroids. 5:08
PEXIVAS: Shortening the prednisone taper after severe flars. 7:21
Giant Cell Arteritis: Journey for a steroid alternative. 10:40
GIACTA: Tocilizumab in GCA. 11:36
What are the requirements to replace steroids? 13:42
Avacopan trial overview. 16:10
C5a inhibitor updates. 19:15
What does the future hold? 20:52

What does the future hold for steroid use in treating vasculitis? More specifically, what is being done to minimize the reliance on steroids that often come with adverse side effects? In this webinar, Dr. Jason Springer talks about the challenges and potential advances focusing on steroid therapy.

Jason Springer, MD
Co-Director, Vasculitis Center
Vanderbilt University Medical Center