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The Eyes and Vasculitis

Dr. Anjum Koreishi gives patient-friendly overview explaining how the eye functions, and how various types of vasculitis can affect the eye and vision.   He discusses scleritis, uveitis, keratitis, orbital inflammation, and inflammation of other areas that affect vision. Dr. Koreishi specifically discusses conditions such as GPA, GCA, and other types of vasculitis, concentrating on how they affect vision differently, how we treat, and what we need to look out for.

About Dr. Koreishi
Anjum Koreishi, MD is an Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. He graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo School Of Medicine. That was followed by his internship in Colorado at St. Luke’s Medical Center, his Ophthalmology residency at University of Colorado and his fellowship at Northwestern University in medical and Surgical Uveitis: ocular immunology and inflammation.  His clinical focus is Uveitis, cataract surgery, scleritis, Ocular Lymphoma, and ocular manifestations of vasculitis.

The Eyes and Vasculitis Presentation

Ocular anatomy 101. The structure of the eye. 2:37
Non specific signs of vasculitis affecting the eye. 3:32
The eye’s orbit and effect of inflammation. 5:16
Sclera / Scleritis. 6:48
What causes scleritis? 8:44
The cornea. 9:05
Peripheral Ulcerative Keratitis. 9:16
Dry eyes. 10:12
Eyelid inflammation. 12:38
The eye lens and cataracts. 14:00
Inflammation in the eye’s vitreous 15:25
Optic nerve. 16:33
Retina and Choroid. 17:36
Inflammation of the retina. 18:08
Vasculitis and Fluorescein angiography. 19:19
Central retinal vein occlusion. 19:52
Lack of blood flow to the retina. 20:11
Treatment basics. 20:27
Things to look out for. 21:53
Conclusions. 22:58

Q&A for Eyes and Vasculitis

Q: Do dry eyes happen with particular forms of vasculitis? Can some of the medications also cause dry eye conditions. 1:19
Q: Can urticarial, or other specific types of vasculitis cause dry eye issues? 4:30
Q: Can eyes issues from vasculitis impact, or complicate cataract surgery? 5:53
Q: Can urticarial vasculitis lead to a feeling of pressure in the eyes? 10:21
Q: I have GCA with eye involvement. When I do certain exercises such as weight lifting, I feel extra pressure on the eyes. Is this a cause of concern? 13:39
Q: My eyes tend to stream tears constantly. Is this normal when vasculitis is involved? 16:46
Q: If I’m not having any serious eye issues with my GPA except for dry eyes how often should I see an eye doctor? And are there any specific panel of tests that ophthalmologist should perform? 20:31
Q: Can some of the medications we take, or infusions such as Rituximab cause eye issues? 23:02
Q: Is virteral hemorrhage an initial presentation of GPA? 25:11
Q: If an individual has had an allergic reaction to Fluorescein, can something else be used? 28:32
Q: Can symptoms occur in just one eye? 29:50

More Q&A about the Eyes and Vasculitis

November 8, 2023

Dr. Koreishi answers questions that were not included in the original Eyes and Vasculitis Webinar.

What is the difference between inflammation and infection in the eyes? 1:05
What can we do to make sure our doctor is familiar with vasculitis? 3:55
What is the difference between all of the different types of eye specialists? Which one should I have when vasculitis is involved? 6:29
I have retinal artery occlusion in one eye. Could there be further issues with my other, good eye? 13:19
Can you explain vitreomacular traction? 15:10
Does eye inflammation from vasculitis affect cataract surgery? 17:17
What questions would you like your patients to ask you if have eye involvement with vasculitis? 22:13

Quick Takes

How can vasculitis impact our eyes?

Glaucoma and vasculitis.

Treatment basics with eye involvement.

Sceleritis vs Episcleritis

Things to look out for!

Dry eyes and vasculitis.