Educational Videos

The 2021 COVID-19 Webinars

Updates and Q&A

Introductions 1:04
A COVID-19 Update. 3:14
Impact of COVID-19 on Patients Living with Vasculitis survey report 7:01
Vasculitis Community’s Feelings on the Flu and COVID-19 Vaccine Report 9:29
Is there a situation where you would advise a patient with vasculitis to not get the COVID-19 vaccine? 15:38
Should I hold my methotrexate treatment if I’m also getting the COVID-19 vaccine? 18:59
What about the timing between my Rituximab infusion, and when I get the vaccine? 21;45
Should I still wear a mask even after I get the vaccine? 28:53
Are there any concerns about the use of mRNA technology as opposed to other vaccine delivery platforms? 33:27
Is there an advantage of getting one type of vaccine over another one? 37:35
Have these vaccines been tested on patients with vasculitis? 41:38
Should I get an antibody test for COVID-19? 42:43

More Patient Questions About COVID-19

Kenneth J. Warrington, M.D.
Chair, Division of Rheumatology, Professor of Medicine, Mayo Clinic

Dr. Warrington talks about his experience working and living during the COVID-19 crisis. 2:17
Is there any research showing that getting COVID-19 could trigger a flare? 8:36
Kathy talks about being a patient with vasculitis and getting the COVID-19 virus. 11:09
What are the specific risks posed by COVID-19 for patients with vasculitis? 20:06
Current treatments for COVID-19. 23:14
Can getting the COVID-19 vaccine interfere with my treatment for vasculitis? 24:41
Could the vaccine reduce the efficacy of the treatments a patient is receiving for vasculitis? 27:87
There’s a lot more to learn, but we know more than now than just a year ago about COVID-19. 30:26

In this webinar, Dr. Ken Warrington, answers some of the patient questions about COVID-19 that weren’t included in the live, February 27 webinar. Among the discussion highlights is Kathy’s story about catching COVID-19 as a patient with vasculitis. Dr. Warrington also provides insight into the key questions being researched about the virus, and the vaccine.