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Takayasu arteritis April 2021

Introductions 0:10
Key facts about Takayasu arteritis 3:02
The cause remains unknown 3:39
TAK is more common in women; typical age of onset 4:05
The arteries affected differ from person to person 4:30
Lab tests are not always perfect. 6:51
Imaging of blood vessels is helpful–Angiography 8:25
FDG-PET Scans 9:24
Surgical intervention may not be necessary 10:58
Pregnancy outcomes 12:36
Current research studies of TAK 14:07
Lauren’s TAK story 14:48
Fatigue is a common symptom 21:30
Discomfort in arms may or may not be from active disease 28:29
Lauren’s surgery 29:27
How do you know if the disease is active or not? 32:31
Getting involved in TAK research at the NIH 34:16
Q: Who typically gets TAK? 40:40
Q: Should I have a team of doctors involved? 43:45
Q: What is the importance and the challenges of early detection of TAK? 45;36
Q: How to raise awareness about TAK? 50:29

What are the most important things you need to know about Takayasu arteritis? In this webinar, Dr. Peter Grayson and Dr. Kaitlin Quinn review key facts and answer questions about symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment for Takayasu. They are also joined by Lauren, a TAK patient who shares her story about living with this illness.

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