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Steroid Treatment in Vasculitis

GPA and the use of steroid therapy. 1:33
A tale of two patients with GPA. 2:27
Evolution of ANCA vasculitis treatment. 3:59
Evolution of GCA treatment 5:59
Trial of Tocilizumab in GCA. 7:20
How do we study toxicity? 9:04
ADVOCATE Study. 12:47
Patient and physician perspectives on steroids. 14:19
Top ten ways to prevent steroid toxicity. 16:39
Infection and steroids. 19: 29
Bone health and steroids. 20:40
Summary on steroids. 21:46
Q&A 24:58

Description: This video addresses a critical part of standard treatment for vasculitis. Dr. Eli Miloslavsky discusses the role of steroid treatment in vasculitis, how we understand and measure steroid therapy, and ways to prevent steroid toxicity.

Presenter: Eli Miloslavsky, MD, specializes in diagnosing and treating vasculitis and other systemic diseases such as inflammatory myopathy and sarcoidosis among others. His research has focused on outcomes and treatment of ANCA-associated vasculitis and glucocorticoid toxicity. Within medical education, his research has focused on simulation, consultative medicine, science education and peer teaching. Dr. Miloslavsky currently teaches at MGH and Harvard Medical School. He is a co-director of the MGH Vasculitis and Glomerulonephritis Center.