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Refractory Vasculitis Presentation

Disease phases 11:44
Disease state definitions 14:50
What is refractory? 16:53
Why remission is so important. 21:49
Refractory–not achieving timely remission 22:52
Rituximab in GPA 36:58
Giant Cell Arteritis and Tocilizumab 38:31
Intravenous immunoglobulin 41:53
Alemtuzumab 42:24
Avocopan in ANCA associated vasculitis 43:53
EGPA 44:55
Obinutuzumab- A new Rituximab? 45:23

Refractory, which means stubborn or unmanageable, refers to vasculitis that is hard to achieve full control over or that returns despite continued medication. In this webinar, David Jayne, MD, discusses what refractory vasculitis is and how it can impact someone living with the disease. He also explores how physicians like himself investigate patients with vasculitis to find out why the medicines are not working properly and what alternative advice they give. With newer treatments, almost all patients should now achieve full vasculitis control and not suffer from the symptoms of ongoing vasculitis activity and the adverse effects of sustained high doses of steroids.

Refractory Vasculitis Q&A

Can a person develop refractory vasculitis after a long period of remission? 0:31
Would Dr. Jayne explain what is meant by biologics in a way that patients will understand. And has there been any new evidence that biologics are effective to treat refractory vasculitis? 2:10
If I am ALWAYS ANCA and/or MPO and/or PR3 positive, even though I take Rituximab, prednisone and more, on a regular basis, for many years, am I considered to have Refractory Vasculitis? 3:52
Did you see refractory disease related to the biosimilar generic versions of Rituxan? 4:50
Can refractory vasculitis apply to Takayasu arteritis (TAK) 7:10
Has Dr. Jayne ever treated a patient who didn’t respond to prednisone. If so, what are options are there for steroid therapy? 7:48
Does refractory happen more frequently by age? 8:49
Is there any evidence that a GPA patient, twice infected with COVID, could develop refractory vasculitis because of the COVID? Asked another way is it possible COVID could interfere with a patient’s tolerance of Rituxan? 9:35
Is it worth going back to a medication and trying it again it hopes it may work a second time around? Especially, apparent rituximab failure 10:37