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Q&A: Questions about Remission and Relapse with Vasculitis

Q1: Is Rituximab still one of the best treatments for vasculitis? 2:43
Q2: What are the long-term effects of methotextrate used for maintenance? 5:50
Q3: Are ANCA fluctations in my labs a sign of relapse? 7:05
Q4: Is remission possible after being symptomatic for 20+ years? 8:51
Q5: Should we come up with a better term than remission when it comes to vasculitis? 10:05
Q6: I’ve had two infusions of Rituximab two weeks apart. How soon could it be until there is an effect from the Rituximab? 12:06
Q7: Can blood markers from MPA indicate whether it’s no longer in remission? 13:12
Q7: After 13 years I’m completely off of my meds. How often should I see my rheumatologist? 15:01
Q8: I have a saddle nose deformity. Is it a bad idea to do surgery before remission? 15:50
Q9: Kathy, when you started to relapse what labs changed that indicated a problem? 19:16
Q10: Kathy, how often did your physicans monitor you as you were weaning off medications? 20:30
Q11: Kathy, what was your best support during relapse? 22:01