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Pulmonary Issues with Vasculitis

Vasculitis can affect and impact our respiratory system and breathing.  In this webinar, pulmonologist Dr. Ulrich Specks will talk about potential complications when there is airway and lung involvement with vasculitis.  Dr. Specks will also discuss diagnostic procedures, treatment strategies, and specific management of large airway obstruction with GPA.

About Dr. Specks
Dr. Ulrich Specks, MD is Consultant in the Division of Pulmonology and Critical Care, Mayo Clinic Rochester. He is also a Professor of Medicine at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine & Science, Rochester, Minnesota.

Pulmonary Issues with Vasculitis

Respiratory symptoms in vasculitis. 2:41
What does wheezing mean? 4:50
Potential cause of respiratory symptoms in patients with vasculitis. 5:56
Dyspnea / Shortness of breath. 8:38
Diagnostic procedures for respiratory symptoms 15:44
Pulmonary function testing. 21:51
Bronchoscopy. 25:30
GPA: Subglottic Trachea. 26:39
GPA: Subglottic Stenosis. 27:15
Treatment complications. 29:15
Pulmonary hypertension. 30:16
Pulmonary embolism. 32:49
Sleep apnea signs and symptoms. 33:28
Summary. 34:39

Q&A for Pulmonary Issues with Vasculitis

Q: How do you determine if wheezing is caused by asthma, or something else happening the airways due to vasculitis involvement? :50
Q: What are the nodes that can appear on the lungs? 4:27
Q: What happens when a nodule becomes cavitated? 7:19
Q: When the air quality is unhealthy for sensitive groups should I remain indoors with my air filters running? 8:42
Q: Is there anything on the horizon for the treatment of subglot stenosis? 12:12

Quick Takes

What are respiratory symptoms in vasculitis?

What is pulmonary function testing?

What are the most important takeaways from this webinar?

How is imaging used for diagnosis of pulmonary issues in vasculitis?

What is dyspnea?

Pulmonary Involvement with Vasculitis: Q&A

Dr. Lynn Fussner
Recorded 11/28/2023

During my last GPA flare, nodes on my lungs were detected.  Why does this happen and what does it mean?  Long term effects? 1:43
What are the effects of immunosuppressants and/or steroids on the lungs?   How can I tell the difference between what symptoms are due to the vasculitis,  or caused by medications. 3:37
Is there any value in having a pulse oximiter to measure my oxy levels?  What are the pros and cons of using one? 5:01
Can I strengthen my lungs through therapy so that I won’t have to use auxiliary oxygen at home? 8:02
Can you talk about asthma and vasculitis? Is it possible to develop asthma after being diagnosed with vasculitis? 11:00
What have some of the challenges of caring for patients with vasculitis and lung involvement with COVID? 15:18
If a patient with EGPA has lung issues how important is it to be monitoring their cardio system, too? 17:50
What are some of the questions you wish that patients with lung involvement would ask you, or their doctor? 19:02

In this short webinar, Dr. Lynn Fussner answers some of the questions about pulmonary involvement that were not included in the October 3 webinar.