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Pieces of Mind: Mental Health and the emotional impact of vasculitis

Welcome and introductions. 0:34
How do I balance my many roles as a mother, partner, working and managing my disease. 7:46
Good time management skills, and knowing your goals. 10:20
Be kind and patient with yourself, and the people around you. 12:34
Do you have ideas on how we can become better communicators with our loved ones? 13:29
What are your emotions trying to tell you? 16:04
Vasculitis is a disrupter. It changes the plot in your life story. 19:38
Recognize when you are getting overwhelmed. 22:31
What zone are you in? 24:53
Dealing with the uncertainity that comes with vasculitis. 26:23
How do I deal with having to ask for help, and not being able to do simple, everyday things? 29:12
Shame and living with a chronic illness. 30:33
Three essential things to manage vasculitis. 39:13
Vasculitis–my terrible roommate. 42:56

This is a panel discussion about how vasculitis impacts our mental and emotional health. The presentation also discusses ways and strategies and coping mechanisms to maintain that emotional health.