Educational Videos

Pain Management and Vasculitis

Part 1

Welcome and Introductions. 0:04
Overview of presentation on pain management. 1:59
Four clinical cases. 2:22
Pain and the brain. 7:11
Different “types” of pain. 7:51
Sensory motor and autonomic nerves. 8:52
Neuropathy. 9:46
Vasculitis and the nerve. 10:27
Systemic forms of vasculitis that affect the nerves. 12:36
Symptoms 14:31
Vasculitic neuropathy 15:15
Diagnosis 15:43
Lab testing. 16:39
Electromyography (EMG). 17:41
Nerve biopsy. 18:33
Treatment of vasculitis: The goal is to stabilize and prevent more damage. 20:28
Treatment for the pain. 22:54
Other treatments? 24:05
Prognosis. 25:48
Summary. 26:35

For many patients with vasculitis, dealing with pain can be a debilitating, relentless struggle. In this video, Dr. Tanaz Kermani, gives an overview of the way that neuropathy and vasculitis are connected. She covers evaluation and diagnosis, treatment, and recovery/management of pain.

Part 2

Charlie Grainger talks about dealing with pain and vasculitis. 0:15
Implanting a spinal cord stimulator to help manage the pain. 4:36
People don’t understand this level of unrelenting pain.” 6:51
Talking about vasculitis starting systemically and then affecting nerves as opposed to pain starting with nerves and spreading out systemically. 9:06
Q: Does neuropathy typically develop in early, or later stages of an onset of vasculitis? 10:54
Q: Do different types of vasculitis present with pain in different ways throughout the body? 12:10
Q: Can neuropathy increase or decrease depending if steroids levels are increased or decreased? 13:01
Q: When a patient goes to emergency department with pain they are sometimes met with skepticism. How should we as patients be prepared to communicate effectively with the staff? 14:31
Q: Should we try to still be active when we’re having pain? Should we push ourselves or curtail physical activity when pain is an issue? 16:01
Q: What about benefits of water exercise therapy? 18:40
Charlie: Be careful not to overdo it when you start to feel better. 19:35

In the second part of this webinar we learn firsthand how patient, Charlie Grainger, has experienced chronic neuropathy with his vasculitis. He talks about various ways to manage the pain, including a recent implant of a spinal cord stimulator. Webinar host, Kathy Olevsky, shares her particular challenge as a martial artist dealing with neuropathy that accompanied her diagnosis.

Also, Dr. Kermani answers some of the excellent questions submitted by patients.