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2020 Newly Diagnosed VF Virtual Patient Conference: Medical Team 101–Maximizing your medical resources

Kathy Olevsky shares her story with MPA. 0:35
Introducing Sarah Goglin, MD. 5:40
Who do I need on my medical team? 10:26
Case #1: Referred to a nephrologist. 12:15
Case #2: Referred to a ophthalmologist. 13:34
Case #3: Referred to a otolaryngologist. 15:01
Case #4: Referred to a neurologist. 16:26
Case #5: Referred to a pulmonologist and infectious disease expert. 17:36
What makes a medical team successful? 18:58
#1 is good communication.. 19:23
#2 is expertise. 21:54
#3 is about asking for help and support when needed. 23:05
The role of primary care on your team. 24:24
Q&A: Even after dx and treatment can new symptoms appear? 26:26
Q&A: What about having a hematologist if you have Cryo vasculitis? 27:07
Q&A: How do I deal with doctors who might be offended if I ask them for a specialist referral? 28:54

Patient Story: My Vantage Point by Kathy Olevsky

A diagnosis of vasculitis often requires the expertise of specialists such as nephrologists, pulmonologists, or neurologists. In this presentation, Sara Goglin, MD, talks about some of the medical specialists who may need to be part of your medical team.

Sarah Goglin, MD
Assistant Professor, School of Medicine
University of California San Francisco

Kathy Olevsky
Host, Road to Wellness webinars