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Managing Long-Term Corticosteroids

Introduction and presentation outline: patient and steroid relationship, most concerning side effects, how to prevent/limit side effects. 00:28
What is long-term steroid use (duration, doses)? 01:16
Relationship between patients and steroids. 01:25
Patient perceptions: hope, relief, and uncertainty. 02:55
Side effects from steroids are common: number of advertise events per patient that occurred in the cohort. 03:46
Steroids have a long list of side effects but a few are most concerning to patients. 04:59
There is a general agreement on the most important side effects between patients and rheumatologists. 05:17
Patient perspective: weight gain. 05:56
Steroid induced weight gain is the top concern for patients. 06:39
Preventing weight gain: start from day one. 07:11
Steroids can worsen preexisting diabetes and cause new diabetes. 08:22
Long-term steroid use weakens bone. 09:06
Measures can be taken to reduce bone loss. 11:41
Steroids can worsen blood pressure and heart disease. 14:07
Steroids enhance risk infection. 14:47
Vaccination uptake is low: adult vaccination rates for common vaccine-preventable diseases. 15:18
Vaccinations are very important to prevent infections. 15:48
Patient perspective: skin damage. 16:37
Images: Steroids have multiple skin side effects and slow wound healing. 16:49
The lower of the dose, the less the side effects: the actual level of harm is patient-specific. 17:17
General principles to manage steroid side effects. 18:12
Patient perspective: a compromise. 18:59
Audience questions. 19:39