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Lung Involvement in Vasculitis

Introduction of topic: Lung involvement in vasculitis. 00:28
Discussion of most common forms of vasculitis affecting the lungs: GPA, EGPA, and MPA; and least common: GCA, Takayasu arteritis, and PAN. 01:14
Common symptoms in patients when lungs are affected. 02:58
Potential causes of respiratory symptoms in vasculitis patients: active disease, damage, treatment complications, and other problems. 04:55
What is dyspnea and what are the problems in different organs that can lead to shortness of breath? 06:38
What are the most important parts of the respiratory system? 08:47
Close-up view of air sacs (alveoli), a review of their purpose, and inflammation of the respiratory membrane. 09:40
Diagnostic procedures to identify the cause(s) of respiratory symptoms in vasculitis patients. 10:59
Chest imaging: views of chest x-ray and CT of the chest, along with discussion. 13:25
Explanation of spirometry: function test to measure lung volume and flow; obstruction of main airways of bronchial tubes; how much of the oxygen can cross from the air sacs to blood vessels. 14:15
Explanation of bronchoscopy: going inside lungs to determine narrowing or area of inflammation. 14:56
Diffuse alveolar hemorrhage and image of the heart: discussion relative to GPA, MPA, and EGPA. 16:06
Description of bronchoalveolar lavage of lung segment as a diagnostic tool. 17:46
Views of masses and nodules (solid spots or circular lesions in the lung) in GPA and EGPA, before and after treatment. 18:27
Endobronchial involvement of GPA: signs that the treatment working. 20:59
Images of subglottic trachea (red tissue and inflammation) in active GPA. 21:46
GPA: images of subglottic stenosis (vocal cords expiration/inspiration and subglottic expiration). 22:21
Images: laser therapy of GPA tracheal stenosis 23:05
Images in non-asthmatic pulmonary involvement: transient alveolar opacities; alveolar hemorrhage; nodular densities. 23:55
Image: High frequency of venous thromboembolic events. 26:18
Summary 26:39
Questions from audience. 27:55