Educational Videos

Integrative Health and the Stress Response

Recorded December 9, 2023

Hope and healing. 7:40
Several domains of integrative health rheumatology practice. 10:07
The Mediterranean Diet. 11:00
Anti-inflammatory food pyramid. 13:49
The stress response and rheumatic disease. 16:11
Stress—what it does to the body. 20:37
Stress and the heart. 30:27
Stress response and the immune system. 31:54
Stress response and the sickness syndrome. 33:17
The relaxation response. 35:02
The 4-7-8 breath relaxation exercise. 38:33
The UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center. 40:41
Qi Gong. 41:35
Our biological stress response systems. 42:18
The power of compassion! 43:28
Q&A: Where can I find these resources in one place? And how do I find one that fits me and my lifestyle? 46:58
Q&A: Can the stress also be coming from the medications I’m taking for vasculitis? 52:59
Q&A: Why is self compassion so important to wellness? 54:55

How does stress complicate and impact patients living with rheumatic diseases such as vasculitis?
More importantly, what are specific complementary strategies to help offset the stress response on our bodies? In this webinar, Mihaela Taylor, MD, a rheumatologist at UCLA Medical Center who was recognized as one of the top doctors by Los Angeles Magazine, and Tanaz Kermani, MD, a Mayo Clinic-trained physician specializing in vasculitis provide practical, powerful techniques to empower patients.