Educational Videos

Health Policy Basics

Introduction 01:23
Definitions – Health Insurance 02:47
Big Players in Healthcare Policy 08:56
Areas of Strength in U.S. System 13:25
Socialized Medicine?” 18:25
Consider Hybrid Models of Healthcare Policy 20:26
Election 2020 Health Reform Plans 23:42
Medicare for All (M4A) 24:28
Medicare + Public Option 27:31
Free Market” Alternatives 29:55
Policy Issue #2: Drug Costs are Too Dang High 35:30
Policy Issue #3: Doctor Shortage 42:36
How to Get Involved? Vote! 45:49
Acknowledgements 49:15
Q&A: What is status of Affordable Care Plan? 50:18
Q&A: How is our healthcare system impacting doctors and medical specialists? 52:21
Q&A: What are some healthcare insurance issues specifically faced by patients with vasculitis? 55:33

Have you had questions about the American healthcare but didn’t know where to start? In this video, Dr. Aamir Hussain gives an accessible overview of the U.S. Healthcare system. He defines some of the common terminology and reviews some of the ongoing debates surrounding our healthcare system that are relevant to patients with vasculitis or other rare diseases. Some key policies discussed include prescription drug pricing, Medicare for All, and the doctor shortage.

Dr Aamir Hussain received his MD and master’s degree in public policy from the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy, and a BA from Georgetown University in Government. He will be starting dermatology residency at Georgetown University in in 2020. Aamir is interested in interested in healthcare reform and addressing healthcare disparities through research and advocacy. He has been interviewed by the New York Times, Al Jazeera, and PBS, and his writings have been featured in medical journals and several online outlets