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Fuel Your Energy: Finding Your Balance

Welcome and Introductions. 0:15
Sara’s background and vasculitis experience. 4:53
Thinking of success and failure. 7:15
How do I balance everything after a diagnosis of vasculitis? 8:54
Learn this word — Lagom. 9:50
What you can and cannot change. Locus of control. 11:10
Langom choices while managing vasculitis. 13:23
The lesson from Kintsukuroi. Repair cracks with gold. 17:30
Vasculitis breaks things in your life. 19:16
Identify the gold in your life. 19:54
Feeling left out of family activities. 20:50
Being open and honest about brokenness. 22:49
How to begin… 23:42
Q&A: When did you bring your loved ones into the discussion? 29:09

In this inspiring and powerful presentation you will learn how to find your personal balance after a diagnosis of vasculitis. Sara Baird Amodio talks about her own challenges and discoveries that can help other patients with this life-changing disease.