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Effective Strategies for Virtual Telehealth Visits

Introducing Dr. Ronald Falk 01:28
Telehealth vs. Telemedicine 02:51
What is a virtual visit? 04:51
Types of Virtual Care at UNC 05:44
Benefits of Telemedicine 08:29
Limitations of Telemedicine 10:35
COVID-19 and Telemedicine 11:27
How has Telehealth Evolved over the Last Decade? 13:43
What to Expect During a Telehealth Visit 18:34
Survey: What doctors and patients say is necessary for effective telehealth visits 22:33
Strategies for Successful Virtual Visits 27:40
Kathy and Dr. Falk’s Not So Good Telehealth Visit 30:11
Q&A: What type of audiovisual equipment do I need for virtual visits? 33:58
Q&A: How are vitals checked by doctors in a virtual visit? 35:21
Q&A: What home medical do I need for a telehealth session? 36:08
Q&A: How do you deal with lab work and a virtual visit? 37:30
Q&A: Is there any documentation I should send to my doctor ahead of the visit? 38:15
Q&A: What if I have to show the doctor a rash on a virtual visit? 38:52
Q&A: Is a telehealth visit safe and private? Is it recorded? 40:31
Q&A: What if I have to show my doctor something in a private area of my body? How is that done in a virtual visit? 41:38
What particular challenges are posed with patients who have vasculitis? 42:23
Is a virtual visit billed differently than an in-person visit? 44:00
Final Words 45:08

One of the ways the COVID-19 health crisis has impacted our lives is through a renewed reliance on telemedicine and virtual visits instead of an in-person exams with a medical provider. In this fascinating webinar, Dr. Ronald Falk discusses the pros and cons of telemedicine. Joining him is Kathy Olevsky, the Road to Wellness Webinar host. Interestingly, Dr. Falk is her physician so the two of them bring both the patient and physician perspective to this timely presentation.

The Rise of Telehealth in the Era of COVID-19

Introductions 01:27
What is the Autoimmune COVID-19 Project? 02:24
Initial findings from the survey. 04:24
COVID-19 Pandemic and Health Disparities. 07:02
Goals of the Telehealth Survey. 08:57
Insights from the Telehealth Survey. 09:49
Patient perceptions about telehealth visits. 11:11
Telehealth visits vs in-person visits. 11:53
Were there any surprising findings from this telehealth survey? 02:06
Telehealth innovation has exploded due to COVID-19. 04:27
A challenge with telehealth is the visual exam. 06:44
How telehealth could evolve over the next ten years. 08:20
Development of wearable medical devices could enhance televisit technology. 09:52
Need more telehealth access to larger patient population. 24:25
How secure is my telehealth visit? 27:02

Is telehealth the wave of the future? How do patients feel about it? Watch this interesting webinar to learn about a study trying to understand the telehealth experience for patients with autoimmune disease. Dr. Maria Danila, and Dr. Michael George discuss the findings of a survey that looks at the use of telehealth and virtual medical visits.

Choosing the Best Technology for Telehealth Virtual Visits

Preparing for your first telehealth session 02:54
What platform to use? Zoom, SKYPE, WEBEX? 04:05
What you will need? Getting the basic setup with computer, camera, microphone, headphones. 05:33
Finding a good place free of distractions. 06:54
Getting a good platform to do the televisit. 09:53
What is best environment to get the best audio and video for the telehealth visit? 11:25
Best place to put your camera. 12:31
Talking tripods. 12:55
Low cost equipment. 17:58
Advice to doctors about televisits. 19:24

What kind of audiovisual equipment should you have to do a successful telehealth visit with your medical provider? In this informative webinar, video production expert Tami Wendt tells you about the basic A/V tools so you need so you have the best video and audio quality—without breaking your bank account.

Physician Perspectives on Telemedicine and Virtual Visits

Advantages and disadvantages of telemedicine 01:02
Dr. Dua talks about increasing use of televisits 03:55
Challenge of learning new technology 04:48
Challenge of providing virtual medical training for professionals 06:34
Ben and Kaley talk about their experiences using telehealth 07:37
A collective learning curve for medical professionals 10:57
Adapting to a new normal with telemedicine 12:14

In this special excerpt from the VF’s Vasculitis Visionaries Podcast, we learn how telehealth technology is presenting both benefits and unique challenges to physicians. Dr. Anisha Dua, and Dr. Kevin Byram talk with podcast hosts, Ben Wilson and Kaley Beins, about how they are learning, adapting, and incorporating to virtual patient visits.