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Dream Team: Care team dynamics with assertiveness training to create a strong care team

Welcome from Joyce Kullman. 0:22
Introducing Jenn Gordon, PhD. 2:38
How assertive are you? Are you a good self-advocate? 5:17
Why is assertiveness important for women? 6:24
Initial treatment for vasculitis. 8:55
What is your treatment goal? 11:07
What is your treatment plan? 12:04
Doctor visits: You only have 15 minutes! 13:54
Some tips during your doctor visit. 15:27
How do you know if your doctor is listening to you? 17:10
Build your medical dream team. 18:26
Why do you agree to do things you are not committed to doing? 20:22
Do your doctors know their roles on your team? 21:52
What do you want from your doctor? 24:29
The kinds of questions to ask your doctor. 25:21
Advice to a newly diagnosed patient with vasculitis. 27:52
Q: How do I create a symptom tracker? 30:51
Q: What do you do when your tests don’t show anything, but still feel bad? 31:43

In this excellent presention you will learn tips and skills to improve an patients’ assertive beliefs and behaviors, which can help the change how they view themselves and establish self‐confidence when establishing a care team dynamic.