Educational Videos

Current Treatments for GPA and MPA Including the Recently FDA-approved Avacopan

Introducing Dr. Tanaz Kermani. 1.27
Introducing Dr. Peter Merkel. 2:13
The new ACR / VF Treatment Guidelines. 4:24
What is ANCA-Associated Vasculitis (AAV) ? 5:31
Treatment of AAV. 5:56
Treatment of Non-Severe AAV. 8:01
Treatment of Severe AAV. 10:48
Glucocorticoids / Prednisone. 15:21
Steroid Sparing” in AAV is the goal. 16:08
The PEXIVAS Trial. 16:37
What’s better than reduced-dose glucocorticoids? 19:05
The ADVOCATE Trial. 20:25
Key points from the ADVOCATE Trial. 26:10
Who is eligible to receive avocopan? 26:49
Can I get avocopan if I’m in remission? 29:03
Is avocopan a replacement for prednisone in all settings? 29:36
Can I get avocopan if I have a type of vasculitis different from GPA or MPA? 30:04
Can I switch from azathioprine or methotextrate, or mycophenolate to avocopan? 30:30
How long should someone stay on avocopan if they go into remission? 31:02
Should someone who started on rituximab and avacopan who is in remission after six months, be re-treated with rituximab, or keep taking avocopan, or both? 31:34
What other factors go into the decision to use avocopan to treat GPA, or MPA? 32:13
Conclusions and Summary. 32:31
Current random controlled trials in AAV. 33:15
How can I participate in research on GPA or MPA even if I’m not near a major research center? 33:36
Q: What are common side effects from avocopan? 34:38
Q: How is rituximab being used as maintenance therapy? 35:51
Q: How do patients know if they qualify for Evusheld, and if they are getting it should they also be getting COVID boosters? 38:02
Q: Is there research into the cause of fatigue and its connection to auto-inflammatory disease? 40:02
Introductions: Kathy Olevsky, Art Diaz, and Jenn Gordon. 43:50
Poll question: Do you think your doctor listens to you when you want to discuss different treatments? 46:27
Discussion: How do you talk to your doctor about a different treatment plan? 47:38
Discussion: How do you even start the conversation about changing your treatments? 51:35
Discussion: Do you use electronic records to keep track of your medications and doctor visits. 55:24

Join Dr. Peter Merkel and Dr. Tanaz Kermani for a discussion about current treatments for GPA And MPA, including the recently FDA-approved drug, avacopan.  Dr. Merkel gives an overview of the medications and then Dr. Kermani moderates a Q&A session with the attendees.

After the first session we will convene a panel of expert patients, Art Diaz, Jenn Gordon and Kathy Olevsky to discuss “Talking to Your Doctor About Changing Treatments.”