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COVID-19 Update

Introductions 0:58
Joyce Kullman: The VF Virtual Patient Conference Series 2:14
Webinar Summary 5:54
Have we learned any more about how COVID-19 produces an autoimmune response with inflammation? 7:19
Are there any updates on the status of developing a vaccine? Also, do we know if a vaccine will be safe for patients with vasculitis? 12:32
Can COVID-19 impact the kidney? What does that mean to patients who already have kidney issues? 17:48
Is there any evidence that Vitamin D can help in the prevention or treatment of COVID-19? 21:18
Are there any updates on Remdesivir, or other potential therapeutics for the virus? 24:57
Can you comment on any hypercoagulability issues related to COVID-19? 31:08
Will a vaccine be effective if our blood level B Cells are at zero? 32:46

In this third webinar in our series about the COVID-19 health crisis we tackle some of the latest questions that patients with vasculitis are asking our medical professionals.