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COVID-19 Update: Vaccines and Antibodies

Introductions. 0:20
Antibodies 101: What you need to know. 1:51
Think of our immune system as a military force. 3:43
What exactly is an antibody? 4:59
How does an antibody work? 6:07
Antibody response over time. 7:04
Antibodies and vaccines. 8:27
Antibododies and COVID-19 10:23
Antibodies and medications. 11:18
Q&A: I’m currently on Rituxibab. Should I get an antibody test after being vaccinated? What are the antibody tests actually measuring? 13:43
We don’t yet know what level of antibodies is protective. 14:44
A little reassurance patients need to remember about interpreting the antibody results. 16:27
Dr. Dua: What I tell my patients about the antibody test. 17:19
Q&A: What about boosters? Will they be necessary? 18:27
Q&A: Should I get a COVID-19 vaccination if I recently had a Rituximab treatment? 21:38
Q&A: As a patient who has been vaccinated do I still need to wear a mask and take precautions as everything starts to open up and mandates are lifted? 24:56
Final comments and takeaways. 29:20

In this webinar a panel of doctors take on one of the most asked questions by patients who are currently taking immune suppressing medications and wonder if the vaccine provides adequate protection against the virus. Also, Dr. Kevin Byram delivers a viewer-friendly explanation about antibodies to better help us understand their role in providing protection against disease.