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Introducing the presenters. 01:18
What is the difference between getting a test for COVID-19 and the antibody test? 02:41
One important fact about the antibody test. 05:13
Beth’s question: If I’m already on Prednisone does that give me some protection from the virus. And, is steroid therapy being used to treat COVID-19? 06:25
Julie’s question: How are patients who are not on biologics faring with the COVID-19 virus? As a patient, am I at more risk of having a cytokine storm? 10:41
Updates on current clinical trials including use of Remdesivir, and plasma exchange. 01:47
Emergency authorization of Remdesivir. 06:57
The latest news about Tocilizumab / Actemra study. 08:36
The big reminder about getting your COVID information from social media. 11:15
Is there any truth to the theory that COVID-19 could be a vascular illness? 24:17
Sandy’s question: How can we deal with the stress of being isolated and separated from our loved ones in a nursing home, or being unable to hug our grandkids? 29:27
As a patient with vasculitis, am I at greater risk of having kidney damage from COVID-19? 32:43
The latest news about developing a vaccine. 35:39
How would a vaccine be distributed to a large population? 40:06

Is COVID-10 a vascular illness? What is the status for developing a vaccine for COVID-19? Is the virus being treated with steroid therapy? In this webinar, Dr. Anisha Dua, and Dr. Sebastian Sattui answer these questions submitted from patients concerning the global pandemic.

Recorded September 9, 2020