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COVID-19: A Year-End Update

Welcome and Introductions. 00:07
Second Surge Snapshot of COVID-19 Crisis. 02:45
Advances in Science and Treatment. 03:42
What does an ideal vaccine look like? 04:20
Status on Vaccine Development. 05:25
Autoimmune disease and COVID 05:55
Questions: What are the different types of vaccines for COVID-19? Is there one that will be safest for immune-compromised patients? 07:00
Questions: Do we know how long the vaccine will be effective? Will I be totally protected from COVID if I get the vaccine? 13:42
Questions: Is research and testing still being done apart from finding a vaccine? 23:05
Questions: Is there any more news about the possible similarities between vasculitis and COVID and how the arteries are effected? 25:45
Questions: Is there evidence the virus has lost some of its potency? 28:50
Questions: Should I get the vaccine if I’m in remission? I’m concerned about it triggering a possible relapse. 33:37

In the VF’s fourth and final COVID webinar for 2020, Dr. Anisha Dua and a panel of medical professionals give the latest update regarding vaccines, treatments, and other news related to the COVID health crisis.