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Chronic Illness and the Impact on a Patient’s Mental Health by Velma Mockett, PhD, INDS, RCC; 2020 Newly Diagnosed VF Virtual Patient Conference: Medications 101: The Alphabet Soup

Velma Mockett: Chronic Illness and Mental Health 1:17
Goals: Control Inflammation and Prevent Relapses 13:15
Cyclophosphamide. 14:06
Rituximab. 17:05
Azathioprine. 21:39
Methotrexate. 24:29
Tocilizumab. 28:06
GIACTA: Major trial for TCZ in GCA. 28:57
Mepolizumab. 31:00
Side effects from medications used in treatment of vasculitis. 33:13
Where are we going? 34:13
Q&A: How long can a patient take Rituximab if you’re taking it every six months for maintenance? 36:36

Velma Mockett shares both her story and mental health coping strategies as a patient with vasculitis.
Dr. Anisha Dua then gives an excellent high-level overview of the medications a newly diagnosed patient with vasculitis may encounter in treatment.

Velma Mockett, PhD, INDS, RCC
Mental Health Consultant/Specialist
Blink Mental Health Services

Anisha B. Dua, MD, MPH
Director, Vasculitis Program
Northwestern University