CBD Oil and Vasculitis Panel Discussion

CBD Oil and Vasculitis Panel Discussion

Introduction of panel 00:10
Kate Tierney’s Experience 01:22
Jennifer Trofe-Clark Experience 01:59
Difference between hemp CBD and cannabis CBD 02:55
Understanding the percentage of product and the manufacturer 05:06
Should patients with vasculitis consider CB? 07:36
Understanding dose levels of CBD products 10:01
Consuming alcohol and CBD oil 16:16
Finding reliable information on CBD oil 19:37
Getting a recommendation for CBD products from healthcare provider 20:53
Developing a tolerance for CBD products 23:01
What cannabis mode of use most effective for Kate’s neuropathy? 23:59
What if you live in a state where medical marijuana isn’t legal? 24:44:00
Drug test that can discriminate between hemp CBD and cannabis CBD 28:34:00
Does CBD eliminate or reduce anti seizure medications? 30:43:00

In this video, Dr. Anisha Dua, leads a panel discussion about the use of CBD among patients with vasculitis.


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What is difference between hemp CBD and cannabis CBD?

Can any doctor prescribe CBD products?

What about drug testing if I take CBD?