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Biosimilar Therapy 101

Welcome and Introductions. 0:11
Key questions in this webinar. 1:51
Chemical drugs / Generics vs Biologic/Biosimilar. 2:27
Definitions of key terms. 4:41
Examples of biological product. 5:13
The Reference Product 6:01
Definition of “highly similar” 6:57
Interchangeable Product 8:30
Why are Interchangeable Products important? 10:32
Examples of biosimilar: Prurience, Truxima, Ribani 11:05
Why might I get prescribed a biosimilar? 11:59
Key takeaway points about biosimilar. 13:47
Important resources for further understanding about biosimilars. 15:41
How is a biosimilar, a biologic, or a generic similar or different? 17:21
Q: The insurance company decides if I get a biosimilar. 21:16
Q: Why am I having trouble with my insurance covering a biosimilar? 23:35
Q: If you get a biosimilar because the insurance company says so, then why would insurance not also cover it? 26:35
Q: Are there synthetic substances in biosimilar that could have a long-term effect on my health? 28:25
Q: Is the process for approving biosimilars identical to FDA approval of biosimilar? 30:05

In this webinar, you will learn about the new and developing topic of biosimiliars. It’s a complex subject, but Dr. Kevin Byram delivers the key, basic facts that you need to know about biosimilars and how it could impact you as a patient with a rare disease.

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