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Ben Wilson: A Young Adult Patient Perspective; 2020 Newly Diagnosed VF Virtual Patient Conference: Steroids 101

Ben Wilson: My experience with vasculitis and steroids. 1:18
Glucorticoids: The basics. 14:23
What is cortisol? 14:57
Why do we use steroids for treatment of vasculitis? 16:33
Glucorticoids: Dosing in vasculitis. 17:48
Glucorticoids: The side effects. 21:39
Strategies to help with side effects. 24:03
Infection Risk. 27:49
Adrenal Insufficiency. 29:42

Ben Wilson shares his personal story of learning to deal with steroids as part of his treatment for EGPA vasculitis.
Dr. Tanaz Kermani gives an excellent overview about the role of steroids in the treatment of vasculitis. She touches on dosing, side effects, and management strategies of steroid therapy.

Ben Wilson
Young Adult Patient Advocate

Tanaz A. Kermani, MD
Director, Vasculitis Program
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center